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Belroc - Market leading supplier

Established in 2004 in Kingston, Ontario, Belroc is a market-leading supplier of comprehensive Division 10 packages. We supply architects, specifiers and construction contractors with customized solutions for a variety of specialised environments. Belroc’s portfolio includes innovative solutions for surface protection, client privacy, washroom fittings and additional resources such as lockers and window coverings.

Belroc has a strong industry reputation based on our ability to develop customised Division 10 packages. We understand better than anyone that no two projects are alike. We call our unique approach 3DX – a process of consultation, innovation and efficiency that sets Belroc’s work apart.



Knowledge of the construction industry and experience working alongside multiple trades makes Belroc a leader in its field. Our clients can depend on us to solve problems, reduce risk and maximise value – but also to deliver on these promises in the most efficient manner. Experienced project managers ensure effective liaison with all stakeholders for a smooth, seamless installation that exceeds expectations.

Our 3DX process is the clear strategy that underpins every stage of Belroc’s development process, from initial enquiry to close out. 3DX spells out Belroc’s commitment to effective project management. Coupled with our vast industry experience, this methodical approach ensures efficient delivery of each and every project we undertake.

Experience 3DX

Our Mission, Ethos & Values

Our Mission

Belroc aims to enhance the lives of others, using a blend of experience and innovation to improve their environments.

Our Ethos

Belroc is a progressive and dynamic organisation with a global outlook, trusted industry wide for both consultancy and hands-on expertise.

Our Values

Improvement – Changing and developing through a growth mindset
Results – Maximizing Performance through accountability
Synergy – stronger through teamwork and collaboration

Green Policy

Belroc Sustain

Belroc is taking steps to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations. Belroc Sustain outlines our pledge to reduce waste and build sustainable practices into our business.

Belroc Project Pods

Road freight is a major contributor to carbon emissions. Belroc’s Project Pods are an innovative method of reducing road freight and minimising single use packaging across the life of any construction project.

Our Project Pods are repurposed shipping containers which are packed directly from our warehouse in chronological order for maximum efficiency in use. All the materials required to complete any one project can be shipped in one or more Pods which eliminates repeated truck deliveries and associated emissions.

In addition, using the Project Pods significantly reduces the amount of packaging material required – expert packing ensures the goods don’t move in transit and each Pod represents a complete order for one client so there’s no risk of mix-ups or lost deliveries. Upon arrival at site, the Pods provide a safe and secure storage facility which frees up space on site and protects your investment from damage or vandalism until the materials are installed.

Proud partner of outstanding suppliers

We are proud to work with some of the industry’s largest suppliers of Division 10 specialty products. Belroc has worked hard to bring together a portfolio of products that offer quality, practicality, innovation and aesthetics. Our long-standing relationships with companies like Inpro, Hadrian Manufacturing and Bobrick allows us to tap into an enormous reservoir of experience. When it comes to developing a customized package to comprehensively meet a client’s needs, these relationships are a huge asset.