About Belroc

Established in 2004, Belroc is market leader across Canada for Division 10 specialty products. We work with architects, designers, specifiers and construction contractors to supply comprehensive Division 10 packages and project specific solutions. Our team understands that construction projects often involve multiple stakeholders, each operating tight deadlines and specific expectations. Through both consultation and customization, we routinely deliver the solutions and superior products needed to complete projects on time and within scope.

The 3Dx Experience

What truly sets us apart from other suppliers in the industry is our commitment to customer satisfaction in the products & services we provide. Throughout each stage of a project, we strive define, direct, and deliver quality products and solutions. Our dedicated team of talented professionals, will use their industry knowledge to tailor and produce complete comprehensive Division 10 package solutions, to best meet your needs.

The 3DX journey begins with our team of definers taking the time to understand your pain points and your needs. From there we blend a problem-solving mentality with deep industry knowledge to define a strong comprehensive Division 10 package.

After the defining process is complete, our team takes responsibility to turn your vision into a reality. Our project managers team will oversee the project and ensure a smooth installation of our interior specialty product solutions.

Lastly, we use our strong ability to adapt and deliver by installing your comprehensive Division 10 package within the agreed upon timeline.

A Network of Prominent Suppliers & Partners

Belroc proudly works with some of the industry’s largest suppliers of interior specialty products. Through longstanding relationships with companies like Inpro, Hadrian Manufacturing, and Bobrick, we are able to provide quality products to our clients. Our network of partners each bring many years of experience to the table. This combined with their guidance and adherence to quality products makes them an incredibly valuable asset when developing a comprehensive project package to solve a client’s needs.

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To be market leaders in our field of expertise, enhancing the lives of others by improving their environments.


A highly productive, progressive organization with a global perspective. Trusted advisors in the field of interior specialty products.


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