Future pandemic preparedness20200521140013

Future pandemic preparedness

21 May
This week across Canada we marked Victoria Day, a federal holiday observed in Canada since 1845 in honor of Queen […]...
Adding value: why choose Belroc?20200514140001

Adding value: why choose Belroc?

14 May
When the chips are down, contractors need professional partners they can rely on and over recent weeks and months, we […]...
April Employee of the Month: Travis McCamley20200512200411

April Employee of the Month: Travis McCamley

12 May
It’s our second month of voting remotely for Employee of the Month and while we can’t wait for the team […]...
Belroc opens new Maritimes office20200430140048

Belroc opens new Maritimes office

30 Apr
It’s been so busy at Belroc HQ lately with new products launching in response to the Covid-19 crisis that we […]...
March Employee of the Month: Amy Webb20200414161416

March Employee of the Month: Amy Webb

14 Apr
The latter part of March was certainly an eventful one in the office.  As the majority of our staff switched […]...
Working together for safer building environments20200402130030

Working together for safer building environments

2 Apr
In every crisis, there are moments when the very best of human nature shines through, and we are seeing that […]...
Plan now for summer upgrades20200312130030

Plan now for summer upgrades

12 Mar
It’s hard to believe we are in March already, and the end of another academic year is in sight!  With […]...