Changing the Way We Approach Patient Privacy

A silent resident in almost every patient area, the privacy curtain has been a fixture in healthcare facilities for years. And for a good reason – few patients appreciate being on display while undergoing procedures or spending time with visitors. More recently, however, the privacy curtain has proven to be a growing problem.

Firstly, many facilities do not have a regular wash program, meaning unless a terminal clean takes place, or the curtains are visibly soiled, they will remain hanging from patient to patient. This can be problematic: lurking healthcare-associated pathogens left on curtains can be transferred to hands and potentially lead to an HAI.

Secondly, ceiling-fixed curtain tracks pose an increasing health and safety risk to staff who change-out the curtains. Balancing on a ladder, up near the ceiling with hands outstretched above head height makes staff members vulnerable to risks of falling and muscular and skeletal strain injuries.

Additionally, with many facilities operating at maximum, and often over-capacity, overflow patients quickly become ‘corridor’ patients – occupying any space available. A curtain’s fixed positioning doesn’t allow for accommodating such patients, and thereby the patient’s privacy is compromised.

PrivaC Parflex Screens by Belroc are changing the way we approach patient privacy, offering a functional alternative that addresses these pain points.

Boasting hard, wipe-down surfaces, PrivaC Parflex Screens can be cleaned quickly and easily by any housekeeper. No more laundry costs – simply integrate this item into your room’s cleaning checklist.

Say goodbye to ladders and the associated risk, and welcome a privacy solution that can be operated with your feet on the ground. Consider the logistical and time-saving benefits of this aspect, too.

Stay flexible and create space and privacy where you need it.  Mobile Screens can be wheeled into position anywhere they’re required – and then very simply moved out of the way again afterwards.

The answer to your patient privacy pain points is here. Contact Belroc to learn more and discuss making privacy headaches history in your facility.

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