Facility Resources

Durable, practical interiors

An investment

in people

Smart employers know that investing in facility resources is an investment in people. Regardless of sector, the provision of dedicated spaces for downtime, changing and storage of personal possessions increases the user’s sense of ownership, boosting staff/customer retention, productivity and overall wellbeing.



Belroc’s range of specialist Division 10 products allows our clients to create intuitive, functional and attractive spaces for staff and clients alike. From practical locker rooms offering the ultimate in hygiene and security, to window treatments that promote privacy and comfortable working, or solid surface solutions for a wide range of applications, our consultants will work with you to develop tailored solutions to your unique requirements. Our emphasis is always on creating sleek, stylish spaces that will withstand intensive use with minimal maintenance, whilst also meeting any relevant code requirements.

A holistic


At Belroc, we’re passionate about details. Interior specialty products are sometimes seen as an afterthought by developers, but we’re working to change this by demonstrating how quality products, clever design and meticulous project management can deliver elevated outcomes at every stage of your project. From smart aesthetics that enhance the user experience, to practical considerations that improve safety or hygiene, we’re confident we can add value to any build using our unique 3DX approach.

Facility Resources


Personnel lockers and benches, ideal for complete locker room upgrades or educational institutions. Clean, durable and quiet operation.


Solid Surface products when both prestige and endurance are in demand.


Belroc offers custom sized, commercial roller shades. Ideal for schools, healthcare facilities, and commercial applications.

Range details coming soon.