Providing a consistent positive customer experience for guests, is imperative for the success of businesses in the hospitality industry.

Understanding how first impressions are key to hospitality environments, Belroc is recognized and specified for the delivery of comprehensive Division 10 packages to global hotel groups.

Meeting the desire of guests and upholding industry required code, Hoteliers and their design construction teams will find that when partnered with Belroc, the whole project process is conducted with trusted talent, managed expectations and delivered with a personalized implementation plan. This is the 3Dx journey that we would like to take you on and enhance the life of your guest, by improving your environments.

Public environments are open to the constant traffic abuse of people and equipment. Having access to an extensive range of products, Hospitality sector can prevent damage caused by traffic, while having a design pleasing atmosphere.

From ranges of unique wall coverings through to handrails and corner guards, reduce the risk of slip fall accidents by specifying products from our Surface Protection range. Browse the Belroc Washroom Specialties section to select products that are safe, hygienic and easy to maintain. Privacy and Security of guests is paramount, and you will find an excellent range of environment enhancing products in our Facility Resources sector.

Partner with Belroc today and experience a culture of committed individuals, unified by our vision and values, who Define, Direct and Deliver comprehensive Division 10 packages to the Hospitality industry.

Latest Hospitality Project:

Marriott Hotel

Marriot Hotel - Toronto

Define. Direct. Deliver.

These are the three guiding pillars for any successful project. From the initial call to product installation, Belroc uses these pillars to structure our project process. We understand that major construction projects involve multiple stakeholders each contributing to the success of the project. Belroc is proud to be a contributing factor to building interiors that solve problems.

When you choose to work with Belroc, you are choosing to work with an industry leader with many years of expertise. The 3Dx Experience is our process for enhancing lives by improving environments. Our dedicated team of talented professionals, will use their industry knowledge to recommend the best solution to meet your needs.

Trusted by Many

Belroc is the trusted provider of high quality privacy, protection and specialty products for hospitality facilities across North America. Browse below to see the latest businesses to experience the Belroc difference.