Modular Panel Curtain System

InstaSwap is a modular privacy curtain system that enhances infection
control by making changeouts faster and safer.

With InstaSwap, facilities never need
to compromise on infection control

Patient curtain systems are increasingly coming under scrutiny over their potential to harbor disease. Frequently handled and exposed to airborne pathogens, it is vital that curtains are washed often. This creates challenges that can prove an obstacle to best hygiene practice.

87% of hospital curtains tested positive for MRSA after 14 days
(Source: University of Manitoba)

25% of work-related injuries in hospitals are caused by falls

50% Average saving on laundry costs with InstaSwap

30% reduction in time spent changing curtains with InstaSwap


changeout typically 30% quicker

Busy departments have tough targets on patient throughput. Fast bay turnarounds are crucial, ensuring optimal hygiene and use of human resources.


no need for ladders

Hospital workers are more at risk of injury than people working in construction and manufacturing*. InstaSwap facilitates changeouts from floor level, keeping staff and patients safe.
(*US Department of Labor, 2011)


lightweight fabric

Standard curtain panel sizes mean there’s no need to carry excess inventory – stock levels are reduced by up to 50%. Lightweight polyester fabric also reduces laundry costs.


anti-microbial coating kills germs quicker

InstaSwap curtain panels are coated with anti-microbial agents that minimise the growth and spread of bacteria while the curtains are in use, further reducing the chance of cross-infection.

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InstaSwap patient curtain system is designed specifically to meet the demands of healthcare environments. The modular system comprises a track fitted with non-absorbent nylon mesh and an opaque curtain panel, connected with reinforced snap fastener tape. Curtain panels come in two standard sizes (68”x62” or 68”x66”) and a range of colors. Variations in ceiling height between wards or bays are accommodated by the custom mesh height.

Health care facilities in North America can generate up to 33 pounds of waste per patient per day, with most of this being incinerated or sent to landfill.

(Source: Practice Greenhealth)

The most recent figures showed that hospitals recorded 3.3 work related injuries and illnesses per 100 employees. 17% of injuries requiring time off work are sustained in slips, trips and falls

(Source: Government of Ontario)

Traditional hospital curtains are eco-friendly, but they also harbour pathogens. A 2018 study found MRSA on over 87% of hospital curtains after testing, even when patients in the bays did not have MRSA.

(Source: University of Manitoba)


of infection

  • Easy to implement, minimal disruption.
  • Reduces curtain inventory by up to 50%.
  • Proven return on investment.
  • Promotes good ventilation.
  • Helps achieve PIDAC standards.
  • All fabrics meet or exceed NFPA 701 & CAN/ULC-S109-14 standards.



InstaSwap patient curtain system is designed specifically to meet the demands of healthcare environments. The modular, three-part system includes:

  • Quality, free-running curtain track with eyelet mounting system.
  • Nylon mesh top section, customised to ceiling height.
  • Mesh is non-absorbent and framed in double-strength tape for durability. Requires less frequent washing.
  • Lower curtain available in 2 standard sizes and six standard colors. Custom colors available on request.
  • Panels attach with heavy duty, reinforced snap fastenings.

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