Meet our team

A team of individuals, unified by our vision and values

Behind the scenes

Meet our team

At Belroc we focus on having a positive attitude, dedicated customer support and a culture of continuous improvement. As a team of individuals, unified by our vision and values, we listen to your needs, learn from your challenges and respond with solutions. Each Belroc member ensures that their part of your 3Dx is experienced with total clarity. This is your Belroc Team. Check us out below, see who your partners are and click through to connect on LinkedIn.

Owen Lawrenson20181014213750

Owen Lawrenson

CEO / Sales Director
Travis McCamley20181014215020

Travis McCamley

Business Development
Emily Lawrenson20181014215831

Emily Lawrenson

Marketing Manager
Rebecca Praticante20181014220108

Rebecca Praticante

Customer Service
Jon Pittman20181014220327

Jon Pittman

Technical Director
Christian Gaspar20181014220824

Christian Gaspar

Projects Manager
Dan Lawrenson20181014220935

Dan Lawrenson

Finance Executive
Michelle Bailey20181014221016

Michelle Bailey

Finance Administrator
Matt Allen20181014221213

Matt Allen

Distribution Executive
Caitlin Palmer20181107094749

Caitlin Palmer

Projects Administrator
Erika McConnell20181114095618

Erika McConnell

Technical Administrator
Brandon McCamley20181114095705

Brandon McCamley

Installation Technician


We’re always on the lookout for passionate and talented people to join our team. Belroc is a progressive employer offering mentoring schemes and leadership development. We have a strong focus on both personal and professional development for our staff and offer continuous learning opportunities with regular meetings, programs and access to relevant training.