Nöjerm CleanScreen

The future of patient privacy

CleanScreen is the future of patient privacy. A modular, moulded plastic screen system designed for simple, effective cleaning – giving germs no place to hide.

Nöjerm CleanScreen

Hospital acquired infections are a leading cause of death around the world, but it has taken a pandemic to truly shine a light on hygiene oversights that may be compromising patients in healthcare facilities everywhere.Privacy curtains are designed to prevent the spread of airborne infection in clinical settings. In actual fact, they present a real risk for manual transmission of bacteria and viruses that can make vulnerable people seriously ill.

Seamless design

CleanScreen panels are moulded in one piece so there are no seams or joins where dirt and bacteria can linger. With just two hinge contact points, the entire surface of the screen is 100% accessible for cleaning and can even be dismantled for terminal disinfection.

Modular System

CleanScreen’s modular system means you can add or remove panels at will for a completely custom fit. The unique design offers superior privacy and infection control, and the panels are suitable for regular disinfection using your existing method for hard surfaces.


CleanScreen’s blue panels are made with Biomaster technology, incorporating antimicrobial agents into the plastic itself for long-lasting protection that doesn’t wear off over time, even with frequent cleaning.


CleanScreen is robust enough to withstand demanding clinical environments, but discreet and compact enough to blend in on the ward. Available in wall mounted or mobile versions, it can be used to create temporary patient spaces anywhere, any time – without compromising on hygiene.

Key Benefits

at a glance

  • Smooth, seamless construction for superior hygiene
  • Antimicrobial plastic option
  • Robust design to withstand decades of use
  • Patent pending hinge system is 100% accessible for effortless cleaning
  • Better privacy – no gaps even when panels are folded >90°
  • Better infection control – extends above head height with just 10cm gap at floor level
  • Available in wall mounted or mobile trolley versions
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Improved soundproofing
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Number of patients suffering from hospital-acquired infection (HAI) worldwide at any one time

Cost of HAIs to the US health system annually

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