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Privacy isn’t just about privacy. It’s about dignity. It’s about hygiene and preventing the spread of infection. It’s about creating spaces where both patients and staff feel comfortable and protected. Belroc’s innovative privacy screening solutions are designed for advanced performance and supreme versatility to make patient privacy an effortless part of your culture.


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From residential facilities to emergency rooms, healthcare settings are uniquely demanding environments, subject to stringent protocols around hygiene and human rights. The right to privacy is fundamental, especially for individuals at their most vulnerable and in need of medical care. Curtains in a healthcare environment also perform an important infection control function, preventing cross-contamination and supporting optimal hygiene even in the busiest departments.

At Belroc, innovative products such as our Barrier and InstaSwap offer time-saving, hygienic solutions backed up by Belroc’s in-depth understanding of industry code requirements. Easy to change and maintain, they are designed to be economical on time and space while allowing you to create hard-working and ultra-hygienic environments for changing, medical treatments and more.


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Creating private, hygienic spaces isn’t just an issue for the healthcare sector. The use of versatile partitioning is also becoming more popular in schools, gyms and spas, where space is at a premium and users are increasingly looking for a highly sanitary experience.

Belroc’s innovative curtain tracks, panels and room dividers offer ultimate hygiene and practicality. Through 3DX, we work with clients across a range of sectors to develop customized solutions to their needs.

Patient Privacy


Optitrac is a standard anodized aluminum ceiling track. Economically priced and designed to meet any standard track specification. This product is cut and bent at our facility to exacting specifications. The AN suffix designates an anodized finish to track and accessories.


Movatrack is a premium track with excellent capability to be suspended. Due to the section being a vertical type profile, Movatrack can span 3 metres between suspension points. This can utilze standard SS hook assembly, or direct feed the stems on a BARRIER curtain. Available in anodized (silver) or white.


A heavy duty anodoized aluminum ceiling track, often specified for the rigorous demands of the hospital environment. This track utilizes factory supplied bends of 45, 60 and 90 degrees in conjuction with straight lengths and splices. the AN suffix designates and anodized finish to track and accessories.


A unique flexible cubicle curtain track system. Formatrac allows for virtually any design or radius bend, and can be easily bent by hand on site during installation. Long rolls of track allow for a reduction or elimination of splices. Formatrac is significantly quieter then standard aluminum tracks. Class A Fire Rating.


A disposable Polypropylene cubicle curtain system.


Made to measure cubicle curtains are available to match your current in-house curtain system.


The InstaSwap system is designed to use one custom length of mesh per bed.