InstaSwap Curtains

Patient Privacy

The InstaSwap system is a carefully configured snap curtain system that allows for a safer, easier, and ladder-free change out. All curtain panels are standardized at 68″ X 62″, and are fastened at the mesh with a high quality snap tape. Curtain panels are fully interchangeable resulting in one size curtain panel through the entire facility. Each room has it’s own custom length of mesh, and varying ceiling heights are accommodated by mesh high.

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Additional information

  • FRAMED MESH: Mesh is framed in white to provide improved strength and appearance. The mesh is customized for each room and track. The benefit to this system is that the top mesh portion does not need to be changed out as frequently as the curtain panels. The mesh can also facilitate air flow and some amount of outside light.
  • ONE SIZE: All curtain panels are 68″ x 62″ allowing for one size throughout the whole facility.
  • SNAP AWAY PANELS: Curtain panels are joined at the mesh with a snap tape, allowing for change-out without a ladder.
  • COLOURS: InstaSwap offers six standard, quick ship colours. Custom colours available upon request.