Portable Privacy

Patient Privacy

Parflex provides privacy where you need it. When demand for patient privacy shifts to different departments, the lightweight screen makes for easy transfer to other hospital units. Equipped with a sturdy base for stability, and a mobile add-on module, Parflex can be easily wheeled into your space and locked into position. Screens are accessible and ready to use when you need them.


7 Panel Size – 185cm
9 Panel Size – 185cm


7 Panel Size – 210cm
9 Panel Size – 270cm

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Additional information

  • Flexible: Screens are foldable and are offered in various sizes. They are also available with a wall mounted option to accommodate patients in a variety of settings. Chose the size that best fits your needs and provides privacy area for patients to rest and recover in today’s busiest healthcare environments.
  • Hygienic: Parflex screens provide practical, healthy, and hygienic privacy solutions for use in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and more. Boasting hard, wipe-down surfaces, Parflex can be cleaned quickly and with ease. No more laundry costs— simply integrate this item into your room’s cleaning checklist.
  • Safety: There is no need for ladders or reaching up for those curtain hooks any more! Parflex screens are a safer option for both patients and staff, reducing the risk of falls and other physical complications caused by the heavy strain of changing curtains.