Facility Resources

No matter the type of space, Belroc offers Facility Resources that are designed to not only add to the décor of a room, but also meet the challenging demands of commercial, educational, hospitality and health care facilities.

From ranges of Storage Lockers, providing safe space for your building occupants, through to Window Coverings to give your facility the privacy required, the Facility Resources product range allows Belroc to outfit any facility with the essential products needed for a comfortable environment.

Having access to this range of Facility Resource products, you can design and create an environment that reflects and nurtures your culture while satisfying your practical requirements. Belroc will help you Define your scope to the best solution for you, your infrastructure, and the personnel that utilize your facility

Take a browse through a selection of the Facilities Resources we offer and let’s partner to create ways Belroc can assist you to enhance lives by improving environments.



Personnel lockers and benches, ideal for complete locker room upgrades or educational institutions. Clean, durable and quiet operation.



Belroc offers custom sized, commercial roller shades. Ideal for schools, healthcare facilities, and commercial applications.



Solid Surface products when both prestige and endurance are in demand.