Surface Protection

handrails, surface protection Belroc GroupPrevention is better than Cure.

Here at Belroc, we understand the hidden costs of building maintenance and the importance of protecting the personnel that utilize your facility. Offering you a range of Surface Protection products, you can find functional and decorative products that preserve and maintain the image of your facility while addressing critical life-safety issues.

When designing facilities where foot and equipment traffic is constant, you can rely on Belroc to take you through the Defining stage of Your 3DX experience to ensure that the Surface Protection products meet code requirements while also aesthetically enhancing the environment. To assist architects and designers many of our products are available in CAD and for BIM modelling.

Quality Surface Protection Products

Renowned for quality and durability, Belroc’s surface protection products are the products of choice for the healthcare, hospitality, commercial and educational sectors. Available in a wide array of material, shape, color and finish options, we offer surface protection products to enhance the functionality and decor of any space.

For many years, surface protection has been designed to be a functional part of a space and nothing more. We understand the importance of creating welcoming environments for guests and employees. No matter the industry, our surface protection products allow you to have true design freedom when building a resilient and aesthetically pleasing interior.

From the hygienic sheeting for sterile environments through to the bed bumper guards for a healthcare facility, Belroc Surface Protection products can be utilized in all environments and industries.

Having Defined your requirements, your experience with Belroc will move through to the Deliver stage of Surface Protection that are constructed from materials that are globally recognized And meet fire certification and environmental standards.

Effective Damage Protection

No matter the industry, a busy environment experiences wear and tear that results in unsightly and unnecessary damage. Incorporating surface protection products like wall sheeting, corner guards and handrails can extend the longevity of your space while helping to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

During the Defining stage of your 3D experience with Belroc, our team will evaluate your space and determine what is necessary effective damage protection. This includes:

  • The desired height for corner guards.
  • If mobility support is needed in pedestrian access areas.
  • What type of wall sheeting, door protection or wall guards are needed to prevent scrapes and bumps.
  • The correct positioning of wall guards and handrails in high traffic areas.
  • What type of material improves the aesthetics of the space (ex. stainless steel vs polycarbonate).

Protect your facility by preventing damage to walls and doors by browsing a selection of our Surface Protection products and embark your 3Dx with the Belroc team.



Durable and easy to clean, our rigid sheeting prevents wall damage and comes in a wide variety of colours.



Repairing damage to walls and corners can be expensive. Avoid unnecessary repair costs with our high impact corner guards.



Prevent clients and patients from slips and falls while protecting your interiors from damage with our various handrails.


Wall Guard


Carts, beds, wheelchairs and pedestrian traffic can all cause damage to doors. Keep your doors looking great with our door protection products.



Carts, beds, wheelchairs and pedestrian traffic can all cause damage to doors. Keep your doors looking great with our door protection products.



For installation of vinyl wall sheeting, door frame guards, kick plates and more, make sure to use our high strength industrial contact adhesive.