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Achieving and maintaining hygienically clean washroom facilities is critical for both public health and the perception of your company. Belroc offers a large range of Washroom Products and Accessories from leading manufacturers, that will set you apart in providing this environment that’s safe, hygienic and easy to maintain.

When partnered with Belroc, you will especially experience the second stage of the 3Dx journey, when we Direct you through the necessary aspects of providing such washroom environments. Our Projects Team conduct site inspections to advise & ensure that all construction requirements are in place before the supply and installation of Washroom Specialty products. Having this knowledge and experience is your assurance that your washrooms will meet the code requirements and offer facilities that meet the needs of persons, including provision for barrier free requirements. This is where you can really experience how we maximize your value while minimizing your risks.

Belroc’s line of washroom specialty products are constructed from durable, long lasting materials which are built by the industry’s leading manufacturers. From washroom partitions to hand dryers and shower products, we can outfit bathrooms of any size while ensuring we help you create a functional space. Research published by Medical Construction and Design shows that 73% of the business community believes that a bad washroom environment indicates poor overall management.

Privacy and Protection

Studies have shown that nearly 50 percent of home accidents happen in the bathroom. When you consider the number of people in a healthcare facility, industrial plant, restaurant or school, the potential risks become even greater.

Belroc’s washroom specialty products provide your guests and employees with a functional space that offers privacy and protection. Whether it’s our commercial washroom partition to offer privacy or hand grab bars to help prevent slips and falls, we can meet your building’s needs for functionality and other code specific requirements.

Easy to Clean

It’s imperative to maintain a high level of cleanliness within your facility’s restrooms. Each of our washroom specialty products is easy to clean and built to last. This means you can provide guests with a hygienic space that can stand up to routine maintenance and most cleaning agents.

Considering these points, browse the Belroc Washroom Specialties range, offering many design options without compromising functionality and code specific requirements.



Provide privacy with our metal and polymer toilet partitions and urinal screens.



High quality and easy to clean, our mirrors and shelves are available for standard and accessible applications.



Stainless Steel Grab Bars offer stability and support. Required for ADA compliance in accessible washrooms.



A variety of toilet tissue dispensers available for low and high traffic washroom environments.



Available in wall and counter mounting options, we offer high quality soap dispensing products.



Store paper towels and waste with our paper towel dispensers, waste receptacles and combination units.



We offer a wide range of durable and easy to clean accessories for commercial showers.



Hand dryers help the environment by reducing the use paper supplies in your washroom. Our hand dryers are available in adjustable



Browse other specialty accessories for your public washrooms and janitor areas.