All Seniors Care

All Seniors Care

Beacon Heights Retirement Home

Ottawa, Ontario


Sector: Healthcare
Architect: Hefele Makowka Design Associates Inc
Contractor: Pomerleau Construction
Project Start: January 2016
Completion: July 2016

Belroc Products Supplied & Installed: 
Handrail, Wall Guard, Corner Guards


with trusted talent

Pomerleau Construction team partnering with the Belroc team to deliver another successful All Seniors Care project is proof how great relationships with intuitively breed confidence. All Seniors Care required a full renovation of the 2nd floor of the Beacon Heights Retirement Home, while residents in situ and within a specified timeline. Defining the scope of works, Belroc were able to provide the assurance that agreed timelines, specified products and a comprehensive Division 10 package would be completed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.


by managing expectations

Taking responsibility for the successful delivery of the project, Belroc worked closely with the contractor and client to manage expectations, ensuring everything was completed in the best interest of all parties. As products were specified within the scope of works, Belroc ‘Deliverers’ spent time on site to ensure all measurements and requirements were in place to allow the smooth installation as the project moved from vision to reality.


with personalized implementation

As timing is crucial in the success of any project, and with the critical nature of having the project delivered on time with least disruption to the residents, All Seniors Care team were able to witness the correlation between Pomerleau and Belroc delivering products in full, on time. This reliability, coupled with an installation team confidently working with the products, was the culmination of the Beacon Heights 3Dx journey being realized