Loyalist College

Loyalist College

3N Renovation

Belleville, Ontario


Sector: Education
Architect: Kasian Architecture
Contractor: Peak Engineering & Construction
Project Start: July 2017
Completion: April 2018

Belroc Products Supplied & Installed: 
FRP Wall Protection, Trovex Hygienic Wall Sheeting, Stainless Steel Corner Guards


with trusted talent

Belroc worked with Peak Construction and Kasian Architecture on the renovation of the 3rd floor at Loyalist College in Belleville Ontario. The objective of the job was to update the internal structure of the floor to give a more modern learning experience to those practicing nursing and other courses held in that wing of the building. Belroc supplied and installed a large amount of Fiber Reinforced Laminate Wall Protection, Hygienic Surface Protection, and Stainless Steel Corner Guards. These products were installed throughout the corridors, testing labs, and classrooms, making sure all wall surfaces were protected and cleanable. The Hygienic Wall Protection supplied by Belroc effectively prevents growth of germs and bacteria, helping in the drive for improved infection control and hygiene.


by managing expectations

Belroc had the preferred product which the architect spec’d for the job. The architect had already spec’d this product multiple times on past projects and had confidence in it. Belroc’s strong relationship with the architect made it easy in the initial stages of the job and meeting the vision they had set in place. Also, Belroc’s products met all the safety regulations including the fire-ratings giving the contractor and architect assurance.


with personalized implementation

The Belroc projects team had to work within a tight timeline to successfully complete this job. They had to negotiate and communicate clearly with all parties involved to get the product to site on-time and have it installed successfully. Due to unforeseen technical issues some of the wall sheeting started to peel off the walls after it was installed. Belroc had ample amount of material onsite in case of an emergency and the project team was able to replace everything on time.