Toronto Western Hospital

Toronto Western Hospital

Toronto Western Hospital Curtains

Toronto, Ontario


Sector: Healthcare
Architect: N/A
Contractor: N/A
Project Start: May 2016
Completion: September 2016

Belroc Products Supplied & Installed: 
InstaSwap Privacy Curtains


with trusted talent

Toronto Western Hospital was under a mandatory upgrade of their cubicle curtain system, following the Fire Marshall identifying the current privacy curtains were below the Fire Retardant requirements.

Having a full track system available, Belroc defined the scope as a supply only contract of the InstaSwap Modular Panel Curtain system.


by managing expectations

InstaSwap help maintain a proper level of infection control in healthcare facilities, give a consistency of professional image and are carefully configured for safe, easy, ladder-free change out. This was an important feature for Toronto Western Hospital, allowing for a simpler and faster change out time.

InstaSwap Curtain Panels are joined to a top, track attached Framed Mesh panel. The mesh panel is customized to size, allowing for the curtain panel to be the exactly the same size throughout the building. With offering this
feature, and the InstaGap option, Toronto Western Hospital awarded the project to Belroc.


with personalized implementation

Having thoroughly assessed the hospital, spending time to ensure that all ceiling heights were correct as per the scope, the Mesh Panels were configured & manufactured to size. Thus allowing the Projects Team to successfully deliver a professional, consistent environment throughout Toronto Western Hospital as well as give training to theToronto Western Hospital personnel.